The value of CT angiography scans to detect coronary artery disease

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You can find the essay structure in uploading file. also you will find the case study which i will talk about it in the original article as attachment. please follow my instruction and the marketing criteria as will uploaded.
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The value of coronary CT angiography scans to detect coronary artery disease (CAD)
Case Study:
An 64-year-old man (in the article which is attached)
Follow the table guideline below.
Use the structure of the table below and images of the CT for the patient are required.
Justification must be not long (300 words), with a focus on why you chose this case, in particular, highlight the increasing role of  coronary CT scan angiography (CCTA ) in the diagnosis of CAD. This needs to be supported by most recent references (published after 2014).
All references should be in the last 10 years. ( after 2005) and journal articles
The references should be not less than 10-12 references
I suggest each heading in the marking criteria below will be my heading in my essay.
The case scenario should be in separate heading with their finding.
Do not forget to reflect in the case as described below.
The ward limit should be between ( 1950- 2100).
The reference style is Chicago 16 Edith
Please follow the structure and table blow.