Government/Defence studies – Air Power Essay (complete topic statement to be uploaded)

Order Instructions/Description


Please note that “Political Science” was chosen as subject area on consultant’s advice, however the subject area is more accurately Government/Defence Studies.

Requirement is for an essay of 2000 words (+/- 10%) discussing the topic statement to be supplied, researched from and citing the key references which will also be supplied, plus additional relevant sources (approximately 20 notes throughout from 15 or so total references, including the key references to be supplied). Relevant/credible internet references are acceptable, appropriately cited.

The essay must include both Notes (superscipt numbered in essay body), with source page numbers cited in related Notes entries, and a separate Bibliography page.

The essay needs to follow a set essay format, with Introduction, Body (with subtopic headings as appropriate) and Conclusion, with Notes page and Bibliography page following after.