The Use of Social Media in the Recruiting Process Our HR Forums intertwined a constant theme of the multi-generational workforce.

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Human Resource Management Business Article Assignment # 4 1 Article Topic: The Use of Social Media in the Recruiting Process Our HR Forums intertwined a constant theme of the multi-generational workforce. Chapter 5 and 6 focused on the recruiting process while Chapter 15 looks at global HR and Chapter 16 we discuss how companies must prepare to strategically manage the HRM function. In combining the concepts of the Forums and chapters 5, 6, 15 and 16, the fourth and final business article is to look at how companies are looking to strategically position the recruiting process by changing the way they attract talent particularly the newest generation entering the workforce. The paper will focus on how social media is being embraced by organizations as a tool in the recruitment process to attract talent. The use of social media is a common practice among most businesses; however, the depth of use will differ (some use Facebook, others use more sophisticated technologies.) You will probably want to look at this holistically rather than try to focus on a particular business or industry however, if you find information that focuses on a single company please feel free to use it. You should look for articles addressing what is happening based on research conducted by consulting firms, professional organization and special interest groups. If you or someone you know is working at a company that is implementing the use of social media in their recruitment process – you may use that information (you should cite the individual as an additional source). Content: 1. Summary – Summarize the articles you have researched. Talk about the trends pointed out in the articles (how are companies incorporating technology and social media into the recruitment process.) 2. Detail – Provide more detail about the decision regarding the use of social media in recruitment. Talk about the different technologies being used, how they are using them and the results being yielded (higher quality candidate, reducing recruitment cost, allowing HR departments to focus on higher quality work to select the right candidate.) a. What social media are companies using to attract candidates? b. Are there specific industries that are more or less likely to embraced its use? c. How is the product being used? d. Provide statistical information – % of companies using what type of technology. e. What is the impact this method of recruiting (use of social media) is having on the recruitment process for companies? Are they lowering recruiting cost, time, etc? Are they reaching the appropriate market? Are they attracting a higher level candidate? f. Are younger people likely to embrace this action and be more inclined to seek companies using social media? And is this causing a challenging in attracting older, more experienced candidates? Human Resource Management Business Article Assignment # 4 2 g. What are some of the draw backs in using social media? h. What is happening to companies that refuse to embrace technology? 3. Close – Provide a reaction statement. How do you feel about companies using social media to attract candidates? If you have had the opportunity to encounter the use of social media in the process of job hunting – feel free to talk about your experience. Sources:  You will use at multiple references / sources. Use APA formatting to give credit to these sources used to explain your opinion (on front cover.)  Your sources MUST be American based from the U.S OR in English (NOT your translated English.)  If you use quotes from the article, be sure to cite these as in-text citations when they are used throughout your paper.  REMEMBER: Wikipedia is not a credible source Formatting:  Word document – use the writing assignment TEMPLATE provided on Blackboard within the Assignment directions.  A minimum of 2 pages (8 ½ x 11 paper size) double-spaced  Use 12pt, Times New Roman font  Use 1 inch margins on all sides  Be sure to follow the content and cover page templates for additional formatting  Paper copies are to be stapled in the top left hand corner of the page Submission:  Papers are to be submitted through Blackboard via the designated homework portal by attaching a copy.  A printed copy of your paper is to be submitted in person at the beginning of the class.  A copy of the article should be attached OR a link to where the article can be obtained can be inserted onto the BlackBoard Notes: Please reference the Rubric for grading detail.

HR Management – Business Articles Assignment Rubric (30 points) Criteria Sum Format 2 1 0 2 pages (8 ½ x 10 paper size) double spaced, w/ 12 pt Times New Roman, 1inch margins, a cover page, and proper headers. 2 pages & met most of the proper formatting, but was missing 1 or more required formatting components. Paper was multiple lines less than 2 pages and/or lacked most required formatting. Use of Sources 3 2 0 Used at least one suitable source, properly cited both on front cover and within text. Used suitable sources, but did not properly cite on front cover or within text. Didn’t list any sources on cover or within the text or provide link. Mechanics 5 4 3 2 – 1 0 Free from spelling & grammatical errors. (No pers. pronouns, contractions, or slang). Had a few errors in 1 or more of the before mentioned categories. Had several errors in one or more category, but message was still clear. Numerous errors indicative of either a failure to proofread or misunderstanding of the mechanics of language threatened clarity of the paper. Had a great deal of errors which greatly compromised the quality and clarity of the paper. Structure and Flow 4 3 – 2 1 0 Paper was introduced/summarized succinctly & accurately (if applicable) & had good organization w/ well-structured sentences & smooth transitions. Paper was introduced/summarize d (if applicable), had relatively good organization/flow, but some poor transitions or odd sentence structures. Paper had poor organization/flow, but made attempts to introduce/ summarize, & had at least a basic logical organization/flow. Paper lacked introduction/ necessary summary, was confusing or disorganized, had poor flow & transitions. Quality of Content and/or Critique or Analysis 10-8 7-6 5-4 3-1 0 Quality of content (or critique or analysis) was sound (rational, logical, realistic, reasoned), clear, & easy to follow. Presented a full understanding of the subject and had a strong conclusion. Relevant to HR topic. Critique or analysis was sound, clear, & easy to follow, but had a narrow understanding of the subject and/or had a weak conclusion. Critique or analysis was relatively sound but lacked some rationality and/or clarity and conclusion was weak. Critique or analysis was minimal and lacked rationality, clarity, and/or conclusion. Critique or analysis was nonexiste nt. Level of Completion 3 2 1 Body of paper contained most all aspects mentioned in the writing prompt. Body of paper touched on many aspects of the writing prompt. Paper failed to address the majority of the aspects of the writing prompt Article Submission 3 2 1 Article attached as document or link Article not attached nor link provided