Six P’s Exercise

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Please make a distinction between each part and answers each section of each part:

Part 1:
Fill out this form (I will upload the form, you can just supply the answers to each part) to share your preliminary thoughts about your proposal with me.

Part 2:
To participate in this exercise, you must read several newspapers and choose one article that could be the basis or is relevant to your project proposal. Your article should be based on the problem your proposal will try to solve
• Problem. What is the basic problem your project will address? Why is it a problem? How could you illustrate the extent of this problem?
• People. Who is affected by this problem? What specific population will your project serve?
• Patron. Who might fund your idea? Why would they fund it?
• Paradigm. What disciplines might be useful in addressing this problem? What research would help?
• Plan. How might you address the problem you have identified? What is your plan of action? Who will carry out this plan? What resources or assistance will you need? How much do you think your project might cost?

Copy and paste the link and/or the article that is relevant to your project here.

Six P’s Exercise
Fill out this form to share your preliminary thoughts about your proposal with me Record the location (web URL, article, etc.) used to develop each P
TITLE(thesis):Must contain what(problem), how(methodology of the solution) and where(local area of implementation)
Who would be willing to fund this project? Why would they want to fund it?
Who does the problem affect? That is, who has a stake in seeing that there is a solution to the problem? Does your population have the same interests as the Patron?
What are the main problems that need to be addressed? How could research shed light on these problems to emphasize their scale, scope, and significance? What sources of information about the problem would the patron find most persuasive?
Where might models be found to help shape the plan? What research would help? What disciplinary matrix will guide you? If you have found models already, attach the links in the adjacent column.
What plans are some possible plans? If you are doing an experiment, what procedures will you use? What will you need to know in order to develop a logical plan?
How might your budget be limited? How much do you think the project might cost? How can
that spending be justified?