3 articles ,brief ,rubric ,my thesis and the three quotes. semiotics theory in graphic design

the type of essay is literature review .
the thesis and the quotes are chosen.(i already have)
the paper include :
introduction :
_define the theory and explain it
_thesis statment ( i have it already i will attached with the quotes )
body 1 :
article 1 : frame ,summarize 1 to 2 sentences from the midterm paper that i attached ) ,1 quote the explain how quote connect and support the thesis
article 2 : the same (frame ,summarize ,quote ,and explain how quiteconnect and support t the thesis
article 3 : the same (frame ,summarize ,quote ,and explain how quote connect and support t the thesis
each article in one paragraphs so we well have 3 paragraphs in body 1
body 3 : compare and contrast
the compare in paragraph and contrast in paragraph .in compare pargraph write the simlarity betswen the articles what ideas have in common
in the contrast the things that dont agree it should be 1 of the article have different ideas .
body 4 : critique (your opinion in the compare and contrast
body 5: problems in the article any problems
conclusions :
restate he thesis