250 Words. Football: Seeing Is Believing

Please Edit This Essay According To Rubric Below. Also, Please Attach A Cover Letter Which Should Be The First Page. A Cover Letter Is a formal analysis of your individual writing process.
A cover letter is critical thinking applied to your writing process. You should approach it as ?meta-analysis? or self-observation of the steps you took to create your essay. A Cover Letter Should be 250 Words. The Essay Is Already Written Just Add The Cover Letter And Follow Below Comments On The Rubric That I Have Attached.
English 103 Rubric for Essays
Essay Assignment: This I Believe
MLA Format: Yes__X___ No_____ (If ?No? 5 pts. deducted from original grade)
Does essay clearly respond to the assigned topic? Yes__X__ No_____ (If ?No,? no credit is given. Essay must be rewritten to fulfill the assignment only according to the class revision schedule.)