Building a project plan for Muji starting the first store in Switzerland

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


This is a coursework for Project Management course. About the coursework, is to build a project plan for Muji ( the Japanese retail company), start expanding its market coverage to Switzerland, more specifically, to start their first Muji store in Zürich, Switzerland. There are 6 areas to be included,

1. Building your project plan
• Project background analysis
• Business justification for undertaking the project
• Project goals or objectives
• Assumptions & constraints 

“Use CHF as currency in the project”

2. Developing the work breakdown structure
• Personnel table
• WBS (at least 20 work packages)
• Responsibility Assignment Matrix

3. Project risk assessment
• Risk analysis
• Preliminary strategies for risk mitigation 

4. Developing the project schedule
• Network diagram according to WBS at the work package level 

5. Developing the cost estimates and budget
• Time-phased budget according to WBS at the work package level 

6. Change control
• Change control process