Five Components of a Social Media Campaign for a Product

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements




Please submit to me five components of a social media campaign for a product or business of your choosing. Those components are:

1. A blog posting … roughly a half page to one page long. This should be a post that provides exciting information on the product or business.

2. Two (2) Facebook postings that tie into the blog.

3. Four (4) Tweets for Twitter that would stimulate your customer to some sort of action (your choosing). That could be to buy, shop, visit the blog, check out Facebook.

4. Two (2) emails that you would send out to customers and prospective customers that relate to the other three items on this list.

5. An outline/story board for a video to be posted on Youtube that  would attract viewers and convey your desired message.

This is your chance to practice on some of the concepts that you’ve hopefully picked up from the book I’ve had y’all read and do so within the context of the marketing ideas that I’ve given you in the lectures.