Facts about HIV and HIV Biology

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  • You must write all your essays using proper English grammar, punctuation, and spelling to receive full credit. One suggestion is that you write your critiques in a word-processing program with spelling and grammar checks performed automatically.

    • Note: You cannot simply cut parts of the articles and present them as your own work. That is called plagiarism (stealing somebody’s work or ideas; the process of copying another person’s ideas or written work and presenting it as original work). Plagiarism is a form of cheating. All referenced work must include a citation crediting the author(s)

    Do not use reference websites like Wikipedia or Internet blogs as sources.

    -Write a 600-word Critique Essay about the article. The essay should have the following structure
    • Read and review information found at
    o http://www.adarc.org/
    • Click on Focus on HIV on the left side of the screen, and click through Facts about HIV and HIV Biology
    • Conduct independent web research on vaccines
    • Part A: Describe in your own words how vaccines work. Be sure to address the following in your summary
    o What do scientists target on the virus or bacterium?
    o What are antigens? What role do antigens play in creating the vaccine?
    o What are T cells? What are B cells? What are memory cells? What role do these cells play?
    o What are antibodies?
    o Cite your sources
    • Part B: Imagine that it is circa 1984. At this point in time, no one has even attempted to create an HIV vaccine. You are the scientist contemplating how to make the very first one. Based on what you have learned about how HIV enters the cell and replicates, how would you approach vaccine development? Which molecule on the surface of the virus do you think would be a good target for a vaccine?
    • Part A and Part B should be submitted as one essay (600 words)