Protein Isolation

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– This essay is appropriate for my subject of Biochemistry (Proteins-the machine of life). 
– My protein of choice is ‘G-protein coupled estrogen receptor 1’, which is found in Rattus norvegicus (Rat). Also, for your preference, the UniProt accession code of this protein is O08878 – GPER1_RAT

– Please find 3 files attached. One is a detailed instruction for this assignment report. 2nd one is the grading rubric for this assignment report. And finally, an additional prac manual that, you will find it being refered to by a peice of information in the instructional file as “You should also look carefully at the practical manual; the section on “EXTRACTION, PURIFICATION AND ASSAY OF INVERTASE AND INVERTASE INHIBITOR FROM CEREAL GRAINS” is written partly as a model for this assignment.”
– Please read and follow all files very carefully and paying particular attention to the instructional file. This assingment weighs quite heavily. If anything unclear, please let me know.