Reading Interest Inventory Survey

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Assignment #1 Reading Interest Inventory Survey

  1. Conduct a reading interest survey with at least eight children in your class.
  2. Provide an introduction which outlines the role and benefits of the reading interest survey
  3. Provide demographical  data
  4. Analyze the results
  5. On the basis of the results, develop an individualized reading list
  6. Explain your selections and support your choices with at least six references
  7. Provide an annotated bibliography of the recommended books.
  8. Reflect on the process
  9. Use the rubric below as your guide

Grading Rubric for Assignment #1
Reading Interest Inventory Survey
Introduction (Role and benefits of interest survey)
2 points

Demographical data
1 point

Interest survey
3 points

Analysis of results
10 points

Individualized reading list
2 points

Explanation for selections
4 points

Research to support choices
4 points

2 points

Annotated bibliography


Points will be deducted for the following:

Reference not in APA form

Missing or incorrect title page