106BMS Introduction to Analysis

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This is a coursework for ( 106BMS Introduction to Analysis ).
the subject area is Nutrition but you should talk about it in more analytical way.
This is What I need
Simultaneous determination of eight illegal dyes in chili products by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Your answer to this entire assessment should be less than 1500
1. Produce a 1500 word review of the paper.
2. Comment on the polarity of the aceto nitrile/water solvent
used to extract the colours. Why do you think this solvent mixture was considered in the group of six solvents investigated?
3. Figure 2 show recovery of food colours with different solvents. Comment on why some recoveries exceed 100%.
4. Section 3.2 talks about “symmetrical peak shapes” – why is this desirable?
5. Some chromatograms in figure 4 have multiple peaks. Why might this be?
6. What is LC-MS/MS and how does it differ from LC-MS?
7. This paper describes a “tandem” technique. Explain the
concept of tandem techniques and provide several examples of their use in analytical chemistry.
Include references to sources you have used in your research while preparing your answer to this assignment (references are excluded from the word count).
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