10 questions.Global Project Management Challenges: how managers deal with?

This is a small research for a master degree course. A survey is required, 10 questions are fine to be used on the survey. dummy answers can be added from you, it is preferred if you create the survey in google docs, so you can send the sheet & survey questions with the paper. i prefer if you can send the papers you used as references with this essay. i will be attaching some studies shared by my instructor (you can use them if you want, and it is fine if you want to avoid them)
A- Literature review:
Summarize about 10 studies directly related to the subject: (author, title, year, research problematic, method results) for each selected studies (less than 1 page)
Project Management
Global Projects
Global Project management
Cross culture
B – Theoretical Framework:
Based on the previous literature , conclude the main challenges facing managers whom managing global projects and their impact on project evolution.